What to expect


This year is different

We have designed this year's virtual hackathon to take place over many days, utilizing Zoom to meet up synchronously, Discord to connect with one another, and YouTube to archive workshops.




Most workshops will run on 3 Saturdays (February 20, 27, March 6), and if you can't make these live discussions, you can access recordings later. A limited number of workshops will occur during the hackathon (March 9-10)

Full workshop schedule


March 8, 4-6pm

We are excited to welcome you all in a special kickoff celebration with keynote speaker Adela Licona on Monday, International Women's Day. We will discuss the theme of Mutual Aid, and together brainstorm ideas and potential projects to meet the needs our community defines together.

Hackathon and Workshops

March 9-10, 9am-5pm

During our two Reading Days, while UA is not in class, we will convene to work on projects with one another. Team formation will happen on Tuesday morning, and workshops will continue throughout the day.

We are excited to welcome our partner event Art+Feminism into the Hackathon events this year, as well as workshops from the UA WICS (Women in Computer Science).


March 13, 12pm-2pm

Teams will pitch their final projects and we will celebrate the creative ingenious members of our community. Anyone who works on a project and pitches during the finale is eligible for a prize.


Develop cool projects over a short period of time

A hackathon is an event for people of all different levels of technical expertise to come together to develop cool projects over a short period of time.

An inclusive space

What makes our hackathon unique is that we aim to provide an inclusive space for everyone regardless of race, gender, class, disability, or skill level. See our Code of Conduct.

It's free

Our workshops and activities are free for registered participants, available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and cover a variety of tech-related topics.

You don't need coding or programming experience

The best part is that you don't need any coding and programming experience. While we welcome younger hackers to attend, we ask that participants be at least 16 years old.

Use design thinking

Design thinking is about developing possibilities. We will work with facilitators from UA's LifeLab to envision solutions to problems and create new opportunities for mutual aid in our communities. Learn more about design thinking in this short video.

Bring your idea to life!

You don't need to have an idea or a team before joining this hackathon. We will help match you to likeminded people to work on creative endeavors. Of course, ff you have a cool idea, or friends you want to work with, this is the place where you can bring it to life too.