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The UArizona Women's+ Hackathon, originally recognized as the Women Techmakers Tucson Hackathon, initially stood as the sole women's-only hackathon in the Southwest. Since its commencement in 2015, the Women's Hackathon has evolved into an inclusive event that warmly welcomes participants of all ages, gender identities, and expressions.

What once started with a small cohort of attendees has now expanded, with the upcoming event anticipating the participation of over 200 individuals. One notable aspect of the Hackathon's success is the distinguished lineup of speakers who have graced the event. The pleasure of hosting talented and recognized speakers has become a hallmark of the Women's Hackathon experience. These individuals contribute their expertise and insights, enriching the event and inspiring participants.

The continued support from the University of Arizona is a testament to the collaborative spirit that fuels the Women's Hackathon, by consistently improving and expanding its offerings, this event has transformed into a top-tier destination for tech enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone feels welcome, and we are dedicated to continuing to create an environment where innovation and community thrive.


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